Bring Your Own Computer

All participants will get a table space of 80x70 with a simple chair. Feel free to bring your own chair or a pillow to sit more comfortable at your ‘desk’. There’ll also be the opportunity to rent an office-chair @ VirtuLan (more info soon).

You’ll not be allowed to sleep at your desk due the fire regulations for the venue. Security will make regular sweeps so please use the sleeping-area to get some sleep.

Age restriction

All BYOC participants have to be 16+.
(All participant under 18 need a signed consent form from parents or legal guardians.)

What to bring?


  • Your desktop/ laptop/ console of course. (keep in mind that your monitor has to fit on your table space!)
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Headphones (because speakers are not allowed to reduce the sound level)
  • Power cables and power splitter
  • UTP cable (length 15m or longer)


  • USB / CD / DVD with essential drivers (in case you need to do a re-installation)


  • Duct tape (if you can’t fix it with duct tape…)


There will be a helpdesk @ VirtuLan to help you out if you’re having technical issues.


There will be WIFI but only to access social media