This treadmill will be @ Virtulan, so come and see, explore and test it out!!!

KAT WALK is a new omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality. It has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space.
It is compatible with virtual reality headset such as Oculus Rift.

The innovative KAT WALK independent support structure and open construction sets your arms and legs free. It separates the space of body movement and the support structure. Without a ring or column surrounding you, it allows you to chop, wave, pick, beat, kick, run sharply and more.


You can move freely and securely without constraint or worrying about hitting anything. You can swing your arms visit poster's website naturally or rest your hands by your sides, getting closer to a natural walking posture.

Different games call for different movements. KAT WALK allows you to switch to different actions anytime you want, so you can sit down to drive or fly when a game requires it.

KAT WALK has not just simply removed the column and ring seen in our previous prototypes. To achieve a good and safe experience, our unique design can limit your horizontal movement range and stop the vertical movement function while walking and running providing stable support. It can automatically provide 35cm vertical moving range while jumping, crouching and sitting.

The harness is adjustable to accommodate different body shapes, and allows user to sit, with supporting weight up to 140kg. Meanwhile it can help users move back to center to adjust the position offset while walking, which can increase the sense of balance and safety. The support structure is adjustable to accommodate a user height ranging from 130cm - 200cm. And you don't have to worry about jumping, because the harness moves up and down with you, so when you jump, you’ll never hit the top of harness.

When we walk in real life, friction helps propels us forward.. Without friction we cannot walk normally. Frictionless walking is awkward (like walking on ice) and you must pay close attention to stay balanced. To make walking in VR feel more natural, KAT WALK uses special high-friction material and the constant force of rolling friction by using special shoes to simulate real walking forces and human motion. This makes you feel like you are walking on real ground instead of sliding walk. With normal friction, it is easier to keep balance and it will decrease the time it takes anyone to learn to use KAT WALK. KAT WALK uses a cambered base to transfer gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy, and to reproduce the movement locus. Everything KAT WALK does is to achieve the natural feeling of walking. 


You even can easily change KAT WALK into useful household furniture and use it to enjoy relaxing virtual reality games or applications in a comfortable way.