How much space is included for my BYOC seat?

Standard space will be 80x70 cm with a regular chair. VIP’s will have 100 x 70 cm with a more comfortable chair

Will there be WIFI?

Yes, but the access will be limited to social media.

What should I bring for the Lan Event?


  • Your desktop/ laptop/ console of course. (keep in mind that your monitor has to fit on your table space!
  • Keyboard and mouse - Headphones (because speakers are not allowed to reduce the sound level)
  • Power cables and power splitter - UTP cable (length 15m or longer)


  • USB / CD / DVD with essential drivers (in case you need to do a re-installation)


  • Duct tape (if you can’t fix it with duct tape…)

Can I take my own server to VirtuLan?

Yes you can, our team will place it in our server room but know that this will be an additional cost of 35€. (you will be able to choose this as an option in the ticket sale)

How long does my UTP cable has to be?

If you bring an UTP cable of 15m or longer that should be enough ;)

Can I bring my own chair?

Yes, we will provide a regular chair but if you want to bring your office chair that’s no problem. Note that you are responsible for your own gear. There will be the possibility to rent a more comfortable chair but more info will be provided.

Can I bring my gaming console?

Yes you can but it has to fit on your table space.