Where & when is Virtulan taking place?

04-05-06 of May 2018
Maaltekouter 1
9051 Gent (Sint Denijs Westrem)

Doors open:
Friday 04/05/2018 : 12.00 till Sunday 19.00

Saturday 10.00 – 01.00
Sunday 11.00- 18.00

Is there a place to store my personal belongings?

Yes, there will be lockers available but these are not included in the standard tickets, but only in the VIP tickets.

Are there age restrictions for attending VirtuLan?

Yes, for the BYOC tickets you have to be +16 and under 18 the parents/guardians have to sign
a consent form.

Visitors -16 has to be accompanied by a adult(s).

Can I bring a refrigerator/coffee maker/water boiler?

No, you can’t.

Can I shower @ VirtuLan?

Yes, there will be showers at the sleeping area. So don’t forget to bring your soap and towels!

Is it allowed to smoke @ VirtuLan?

No, there is a non-smoking policy in the halls (even for electric cigarettes).
There are several places for smokers outside with more than enough ash-trashes, so please put your cigarette butt in the ashcan!

Why is Virtulan more expensive then other lanparty's

Virtulan is more than a lanparty alone.

we want to give you a total experience!

We want you to submurge into Virtual Reality and its possiblities.

We want to entertain you all weekend, with lazershooting, workshops, demo's etc.

there is also a Big party with some of Benelux best Dj's (will be anounced very soon !!!!)

Your breakfast buffet on saturday and Sunday is also included.

and so much more!!!