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Virtulan Covid-19 measures

Covid-19 is all around.

We at virtulan made shure that our event is as Covid proof as possible!

For starters we have equipped our event hall with multiple washing stations (running water, soap and paper towels) and will provide loads of hand sanitiser!

We will also encourage the use of facial masks during the event., we already have a stock for those who would want one, please know this is not mandatory!

As for seating, a final seating map will be made 1 week before the event.
We will see a team as a “bubble”, meaning that a team off 5 players can sit at one table, the rest of there organisation ( if applicable ) can sit in the same row with 1,5m between team tables. Social distancing is guaranteed!

Upon entering the event, our crew will take the temperature of every participant, this to ensure maximum safety.
Please note, that Virtulan bv reserves the right to refuse entry of any participant if deemed a health risk.

To comply with Belgian regulations we need to register all participants with the following details:

– First and last name
– Date of birth
– Contact number
– Mail address

If you bought tickets and are feeling sick on the event day, please stay home!!

Last and not least, our onsite fist aid station is equipped to isolate a participant from the event if necessary.

Update!!! The authorities have limited the event to 200 seats !!!