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FAQ Covid -19

Q :what happens if we go back in lock down and the event is postponed?

A: As we can not predict what the virus will do we can’t guarantee the 100% of the event, So in case of postponing to another date, you have 2 options , Get your ticket money back( right away after announcement!!) or keep it for the next date of the event.

Q: Is Summer 2020 allowed to take place?

A: yes it is, we have taken the proper measures to unsure everybody’s health. Our Event got green light from the government to take place. On a note: We have taken every step for you health care, we do expect you to follow also all steps and guidelines to make this a great event.

Q: what happens if i got denied access to the event after i bought a ticket?

A: As these are extreme times, we make an exception on our Terms and Conditions, and pay you the ticket back if you are denied for health reasons.

Q:what happens if buy a ticket and stay home because i’m sick?

A: if you are sick we encourage you to stay home, please provide us with a valid doctors note, and you will get a full refund! all other reasons, terms and conditions still apply.

Q: what measures are taken to guarantee my health?

A: Everybody with get an rfid card, so we can see who is in the hall and not, at entrance your temp will be taken by our crew, there will be paths marked on the floor how to walk thru the event hall in one direction. Wearing of masks will be promoted, hand sanitizer will be available at multi locations. safety measures are taken for the use of the VR sets with removable eye protection strips. wash stations through out the hall. and lots of other prevention measure.

Q:do i need to wear a mask all the time ?

A: at the moment of making this document, it is not needed to wear it all the time, but please check this page for updates.

We will continue to update this page with the latest news over Covid -19

Please check this page often for new developments !

We wish you a healthy and great event
the Virtulan Crew