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Terms and Conditions Virtulan BVBA
Each participant or visitor of Virtulan Events which is organized by Virtulan bvba, has to agree with these general rules and with every decision Virtulan bvba takes or will take about them. Such decisions of Virtulan bvba can not be disputed. Virtulan bvba reserves the right at all times to make changes to these general rules when necessary. The current, common version of the general rules will be dated and published on the website of Virtulan (https://www.virtulan.eu). If something is not clear in these general rules, then you can contact Virtulan bvba for more information. Participants can receive a printed copy at our events upon request.
Virtulan bvba
Louis Leynstraat 54
8800 Rumbeke Belgium
VAT BTW BE 0707.537.103)

A. Tickets
1) When purchasing a ticket or taking part in the event, the participant agrees with the general terms and conditions of the organization. All tickets sold are always the property of the organizer. If a participant is younger than 18, the participant must have written permission from his / her parents or guardian to participate in the event. Without this permission the participant is excluded from participation in the event.
2) a. Reselling of tickets is prohibited without written permission of Virtulan bvba.

3) There will never be refund of the paid money. Exceptions to this are deaths up to and including first-degree family and / or disease up to first-degree family. Mind you, you must send us a death certificate or doctor’s certificate. The participant must take care of a travel and cancellation insurance and must take out any additional insurance for their equipment if they wish .Required documents to submit the cancellation to the insurance company can be requested at any time at info@virtulan.eu

4) The pass or the strap must be visibly worn for members of the organization as evidence of payment. The organization and its volunteers are authorized to ask a visitor for this proof of payment. When it is found that a visitor stays unlawfully on the location, the visitor can choose to leave the premises immediately or to purchase an admission ticket for the ‘pay at the door’ rate. This rate will be increased by a fine of 25 euros.

5) Each participant must be able to identify himself with a valid passport or identity card and must show this at the first request of the organization.

6) When a visitor is denied access to the location – for whatever reason – or refused, he will in no case recover the paid entrance fee.

7)It is strictly forbidden to register for a Virtulan event under a different name or address than stated on the identity card of the person concerned or any other identity document which the person relies on.
In this case this person not only loses the right of access but also any right to compensation and the right for reimbursement of the already paid registration fees.

8)A participant in a Virtulan event has the right to take up maximum one place assigned to him by Virtulan bvba with just one computer and one display and all the necessary associated peripherals for the duration of the event.
All electrical or electronic devices that do not belong to the necessary peripheral equipment such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines, printers, scanners, strobes, megaphones, horns, generators, multiple computers and monitors etc. are only allowed if the participant has requested and received prior written approval from Virtulan bvba
Only Virtulan bvba is authorized to judge which devices are acceptable and which not.

9)Virtulan bvba has a parking capacity of 150 cars. Parking is entirely at your own risk.
please use only legit parking spaces when our parking is full.

10) Day visitors should report to the entrance just like normal visitors. They pay a lower price for the visit to our event. The condition is however that they do not have a computer or laptop with them or borrow during this visit. Entrepreneurs, supervisors and organization are authorized to check this at any time

B. Behavior

1) It is not allowed to sell drinks, food or other items without the permission of the organization. The placing of advertising messages and the distribution of goods and goodies is not permitted without prior written consultation with the organization. Exceptions to this are logos on clothing of the gaming team and the manager. Violation of these rules lead to an official warning and in ignoring it, removal of the site without return of entry fees.

2) It is forbidden to act on the events in a way that can be perceived by others as provocative, threatening, abusive or discriminating, or disrupting order and peace as annoying or in any way. This includes chanting slogans that can be perceived as discriminatory by others. All this at the discretion of users. In case of violation of this rule, the organization or the designated / authorized persons will issue a warning. In the event of a repeat violation, access to the event can be denied without a refund of access fees.

3) In the case of a fight between two or more persons, the persons involved will be called to order and stopped. If those involved do not want to leave the site voluntarily, they will be transferred to the police.

4) Waste must be deposited in the bins / containers intended for this purpose. These are spread over the site. Making clutter in any form whatsoever will be penalized: if a participant is caught making a mess, the cleaning costs can be charged at 40 euros per hour.

5) For private individuals, it is often free to return bulky waste and brown / white goods, such as couches, chairs, mattresses, refrigerators and microwave ovens, to the depot in their own place of residence. However, if such materials are offered as commercial waste, the costs are very high. Therefore, it is not allowed to leave bulky waste or brown / white goods on the site. If this does happen, the costs for the disposal of this type of waste will be passed on to the owner / users. In addition, the clearance costs will be 40 euros per hour.

6) Speakers are not allowed, please use headsets at all times

7) Having your own sponsor, organizing your own sponsored competitions and sponsor statements by means of flags / banners / projection is not permitted without written permission of Virtulan bvba

8) Active flyers on and around the site are not allowed. The subject of flyers is the distribution of leaflets, car window stickers, postcards, wall stickers and window painters. The ban on flyering is a prohibition of both the municipality and the police and the organization itself. In the event that illegal flyers are detected, the fine will be € 25 per flyer.

9) Surveying is only permitted with written permission from the organization. This includes petitions, surveys and questionnaires in every form.

10) It is forbidden for visitors to come to the equipment or cabling of the organization. They can always call in the help of the crew.

11) The participant may only stay overnight at the places designated by the organization. The overnight stay in aisles is strictly forbidden. The participant may only use ‘normal’ items such as air mattress (no two-person), sleeping bag and pillow when staying overnight. The use of tents and other abnormal overnight gear is forbidden within the location. In the event of an established violation, the participant is excluded from further participation in the event, without having to return the admission price.

C. Theft and damage

1)Virtulan bvba can not be held liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, to any person, whether or not participants, or materials (including hardware and software) as a result of participating in an event.
This also applies to technical failure and / or defects in hardware, software and vehicles and brought items by other participants whether or not caused by problems with the electricity network, the network, through fire or water damage and / or use of fire extinguishers.


2)Participants and visitors accept the house rules, will respect these and behave properly throughout all the parts of the event hall terrain.
Participants or visitors who indulge in drunkenness, vandalism, riots, fights, noise at night, indecency, being under the influence or causing disorder can at any time be sanctioned by the provisions of Article 10 of these general rules and in case of criminal offence the police will be alerted .
Virtulan bvba can recover damages of the participant.

3)Virtulan bvba is not responsible for any accident, loss or theft. Each participant waives any claim against Virtulan bvba in this regard.

4)Everyone is obliged to free up all the aisles and exits to ensure a possible speedy evacuation at any time.
Any object or vehicle that makes a potential evacuation difficult may always be removed by Virtulan bvba and if there are costs involved then they have to be paid by the owner of this object or vehicle. These costs can not be recovered from the Virtulan bvba

D. Alcohol / narcotics

1) Alcoholic beverages will be sold at the event. These may only be consumed by people aged 16 or older. Drink responsible. Should a visitor cause nuisance under the influence of alcohol, it will be removed from the event without a refund of access money.

2) Use of hard or soft drugs is not permitted. Visitors must comply with the statutory rules that apply in Belgium. Anyone who is caught selling hard or soft drugs will be removed from the site without a refund of entry fees and transferred to the local authorities.

E. Illegal activities

1) The possession and / or use of a weapon is not permitted. This rule also includes the use of so-called spudguns and paintball weapons.

2) Any form of hacking is prohibited. This includes, among other things, unauthorized access to other equipment of other visitors, organization, or of others. This is closely monitored, among other things by registering and analyzing (suspicious) network traffic.

3) The participant is forbidden to take illegal software and materials to the event. Participant is at all times responsible for all software and materials brought by his / her. In the event of an established violation, the official authorities will be informed. In the event of an established violation, the participant is excluded from further participation in the event, without having to return access fees.

4) Cheating or unfair participation in competitions during the event is prohibited. The organization determines at all times what is meant by cheating or unfair participation. In the event of an established violation, the participant is excluded from further participation in the event, without having to return access fees.

5) The organization reserves the right to investigate alleged violations of the general terms and conditions. Information about the user (s) or the complaining party can be obtained and the material can be examined on the server and the network of the organization. Participant hereby authorizes the organization to cooperate with judicial authorities in investigating alleged criminal violations, rightful claimants in investigating infringements of intellectual property rights and system administrators of other internet providers or network and computer facilities to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. see. For example, such a collaboration may include the user name, the IP address or other identifying information about a participant, subject to the legal privacy regulations.

F. Liability

1) Participation is at your own risk. The organizer is not liable for any damage, however named, that the participant may suffer as a result of participation. The organization is not liable for loss, theft, infringements of intellectual property rights of third parties or destruction of personal property. The participant is at all times liable for all damage caused by the participant to, among others, the organization, its network, the power network, the location, chairs, tables, the sanitary facilities, the infrastructure, the parking lot, other participants and other external parties. This expressly includes damage when connecting materials to our network and / or power network.

2) The participant indemnifies the organization against all claims from third parties that are related to the way in which the participant uses the network during the event. In deliberately destroying the property of others, removal of the site also takes place without return of entry fees and declaration to the police. The organizer’s expectation is that the participant will behave properly, so that there are no negative consequences for partners. Instructions from employees of the event must be followed.

3) If, in spite of the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, liability of the organizer for damage of the participant has to be assumed, the organizer’s obligation to pay compensation for that damage is limited to a maximum of the amount that the organizer of the organizer on the basis of that damage.

4) The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage that he or a survivor may suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by participation in the run.

5) The participant indemnifies the organizer for damage that third parties may suffer as a result of an act or omission attributable to the participant with regard to the run. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for the said damage.

G. Prices and competition

1) The organization reserves the right to adjust or reduce prices on the basis of the number of registrations.

2) The prize winner must be present at the prize ceremony. If this is not the case, the prize won will be canceled.

3) The recipient of a cash prize is the same person as the person who has registered for the relevant competition or a person, company or institution indicated by the winner.

4) Cash prizes must be claimed in writing within a maximum of thirty days.

5) Cash prizes will be paid in euros for a maximum of ninety days after the event.

6) The prize money won by a player (or team) may be subject to payment of Belgian VAT, wage or income tax. The recipient himself is liable for a correct declaration and payment of the applicable taxes.

7)Matches are contested by category and finished in an organized way, called competitions. While certain competitions are played with teams there can only be individual registrations for it.

8)Each participant can have only one identification number (abbreviated ID) and is permitted only one competition entry: two people can not participate in competitions on the same computer.
Each registration for Virtulan gives only one registration for the competitions. Visitors may not participate in the competitions.

9)In order to allow international participants to take part in the competitions, English is the main language in all forms of communication about these competitions. Dutch may also be used.
For the smooth running of these competitions there are strict competition rules, called the “competition rulebook”. Each participant is supposed to have read, know and unconditionally agree to them before taking part in the competitions.
Virtulan bvba reserves the right at all times to make changes to the competition rules, these changes will be posted (https://www.virtulan.eu).

10)Virtulan bvba or its appointees will monitor the regularity of the Virtulan event and related competitions, the application of the regulations, the designation of the winners and will award the prizes.
These decisions can not be disputed, nor can the participant claim damages for the consequences of these decisions.
If a participant is identified as a winner and receives a prize, which will be determined by Virtulan bvba as it deems fair, additional conditions may be required by Virtulan bvba to receive this award or prize: such as attending the awards ceremony, to give interviews, sign a receipt … and so on.
The parties will respect these conditions otherwise they lose the right to a prize.

H. Transmitters and internal communications

1)It is forbidden for anyone in the territory of the Virtulan event to use broadcasting equipment that works on the PMR446 band, unless specific prior written permission of Virtulan bvba has been obtained.
All devices that use it without permission will be confiscated until the end of the event.
It is not allowed to listen to internal communications by Virtulan bvba and its employees, by any means whatsoever, before, during or after the event or to hinder them in any way.
One is obliged to conceal any information that can accidentally be heard in the communication between the Virtulan bvba and its employees before, during or after the event.


1)Virtulan bvba or its duly authorized person has the right to check any equipment or items that any person brings to the area of the virtulan event.
This includes but is not limited to computers, data storage for all equipment including its contents, brought backpacks and bags, cooling bags and vehicles.
Every person is expected to cooperate fully with this audit.

J. Privacy

1)Personal data received by Virtulan bvba will be processed in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 to protect the privacy and the law of 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

2)These data can be used by Virtulan bvba for the following purposes: to inform about commercial activities and promotions of products, services and events.

3)Every person who enters a Virtulan event accepts that their name (including any pseudonyms) and / or photo can be published as well as their likeness or portrait reproduced and communicated to the public in any way, including through films and streaming, including but not limited to the websites of the organizers, including https://www.virtulan.eu

4)Virtulan bvba can collect personal data for new purposes not yet described here in this privacy policy. In that case, we will contact the person concerned before personal information is used for these new purposes, to inform him of any changes to our privacy policy and the opportunity to modify or delete these data.

5)will never give or sell collected data to third parties. All personal data transferred to Virtulan bvba will be held with the utmost discretion. When sending personal information, keep in mind that sending such information over the Internet is never without risk.
Damages resulting from the unauthorized use of personal data may therefore under no circumstances be charged to Virtulan bvba.

6)If you do not wish to receive communications from the Virtulan on commercial campaigns or promotions, please contact Virtulan bvba by e-mail info@virtulan.eu
Your personal details are then deleted from our database for free. You have a right to access and correct your personal information. Please contact us by e-mail at info@virtulan.eu , if you wish to view certain data, delete or modify them. You can also ask to modify any data that is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant.